• What is the Legacy Ballast made out of?

    What is the Legacy Ballast made out of? I know its not Walnut shells or real stone. James B

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    Started by James

  • Ballast Testing

    Testing Ballast Real or Synthetic for HO Using Glues X Press (EVA - PVA) good for putting down track every 6th tie but I think Ill be using...

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    Started by James

  • SQUARE scale timber - In the Garden!

    While wandering by our office garden I noticed for the fist time that the stalks of Lavender are actually square... and as they are, dried after last...

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    Started by AHJAY

  • Motorized lift up bridge

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqbJ8Ylc23c Just finished my Motorized lift up bridge (minus the Scenery) added a how to video. Medium to small...

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    Started by James

  • Buchshee restoration -2

    It's tomorrow already, better go to bed! Had some fun this evening, though. I lifted the track and scraped off the ballast down to the cork...

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    Started by Mister Rusty