• Smoothed and well filtered.

    It’s not commonly understood, but even the digital systems that show the use of AC power supplies in their manuals actually run on DC internally…...

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    Started by David Todd

  • Automatic Frog Control

    I recently constructed a new test track which included a point; however, I decided to change the point manually for simplicities sake. This left me...

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    Started by Robin Sundt

  • Diode values

    Hi all I'm looking to put some Led status lights for 2 switched tracks controlled by a Cobalt digital IP motor. There are some excellent examples...

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    Started by jayr

  • Cobalt iP Digital

    Hi guys So the new boards have turned up for my new layout. My thoughts have now turned to laying the track. I have had my Lenz DCC LZV100...

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    Started by Robert Hodgkins

  • Stuttering over curved points

    Am building layout using Peco 100 and wiring for DCC, track bus, electrfrog points modified etc. Have an old Guagemaster controller which am using to...

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    Started by Jeffers

  • Basic Safety

    Guys I have cobalt DIP and SS point motors throughout and all is working on my loft layout. However I now want to retrofit the safety element where...

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    Started by Andrew Fryer

  • Mister Rusty's Workbench - Cobalt iP Digital light bulbs

    Ahjay advocates the fitting of incandescent12v. 21w car bulbs in series with the frog wire. Here is my take on the installation Whilst the bulbs...

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    Started by Mister Rusty

  • Cobalt IP Digital Wiring - Help Thinking Out of the Box

    I guess I need to start by quoting the Motor packaging Leaflet: Once the ability to “share” switches for more than one purpose is understood,...

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    Started by LGGVW

  • Cobalt digital ip turnout

    Hello, using WiThrottle I had installed and operated five motors last night. They worked perfectly. Today nothing. I am at a loss to what happened....

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    Started by Richard

  • Wiring a 3-way turnout

    Modellers love them... so they are built into many track plans, but often, once the track is laid, the head scratching starts. We are often asked...

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    Started by AHJAY

  • Beginner Wiring Help

    Hi I have a DCC Layout using Hornby Railmaster and Hornby E Link control system. it is 2 x Fig 8 loops with a couple of turnout crossovers which...

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    Started by Phill Mac

  • Using the working point rodding with mechanical levers.

    Hello all. For my latest project, i am contemplating using the working point rodding - however, I want to use mechanical levers rather than drive...

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    Started by Dr Gerbil-Fritters

  • Cobalt iP Digital

    Can anybody help me please with a strange problem I’ve recently encountered? On powering up my half completed layout yesterday none of the 12 iP...

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    Started by MatthewP

  • Unifrog and rail joiners

    Hi I am building my layout using 00 Peco Bullhead Unifrog points with frog switching from my Cobalt Digi IPs. Does anyone know if I still have to...

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    Started by Andy

  • Hornby King Class loco shorting contnually

    Hi There, I'm in need of some help! My Hornby GWR King Class loco started triping out yesterday when moving slowly out of the station over a pair...

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    Started by Euan

  • Cobalt SS tripping NCE per cab at points

    hi, I am in the process of building a simple (doh) inglenook, for nephews over from Aus' thought I would take op, to construct in code75 with electro...

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    Started by DoodleD

  • Engine tripping NCE Powercab when going over points

    Hi, Steroetypically I am returning to the hobby after 30 years and its my first foray into DCC and hoping for some advice please. I am running NCE...

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    Started by Luke

  • First Layout

    I am in the process of building my first layout in n gauge. Now retired and have the time and space! I am making one or two mistakes and have managed...

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    Started by isherer

  • Alpha point control.

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and an old returner to the hobby. I am interested in this topic and hence the reason that I joined this forum. I...

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    Started by fireman's shovel

  • micro switch value

    Hi All. I have taken the bold step, (for me) of moving over to electrofrog points. My method of operation is via mini surveys and micro contact...

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    Started by Paul Scrivens

  • DCC concepts points chatter

    I have the older type with 8 conections points motors which chatter when change to a new derection have try to follow Richards advise but as there...

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    Started by noblenoel

  • Double Slips

    Is there a wiring diagram for a double slip using ip Digital motors?

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    Started by PJ Knight

  • Loop Wiring with DCC

    Help I am having a problem with my loop wiring. I have checked it out with a multimeter continuity beep test and everything seems fine but I am still...

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    Started by John Ramsay

  • Bullhead point springs

    I'm assuming that I'll need to remove the snap springs from bullhead points to use my cobalt motors. The springs look particularly well hidden so...

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    Started by Bob

  • Wiring problems

    I have what I believe to be an analogue motor as shown in the pictures below. How do I connect it up to work with a cobalt s lever?

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    Started by Sparky