71000 Duke of Gloucester (DoG) had a wobble yesterday. Whilst sitting on the turntable, sizzling away to test the turntable circuitry, which passed...

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    Started by Mister Rusty

  • Dapol Black Label A4

    Hi all, From reading around, the Dapol A4 can be troublesome, however having been given one for Christmas , l am not complaining. Why the post? The...

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    Started by Mister Rusty

  • Non Runner

    Hi guys I have a Hornby Pecket 0-4-0 loco into which I fitted the Hornby Decoder and the loco has been running fine. However, after it was given the...

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    Started by PJ Knight

  • Slow Running Loco

    My Hornby class 80 loco has a DCC Concepts decoder and now runs only at very low speed. Previously it ran superbly under both DC and DCC. Moreover...

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    Started by Graham U