• DCC Conversion

    I have 6 Bachmann and 1 Hornby locomotives that are about 20 years old. They run well but i need to convert them to DCC to run on the layout being...

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    Started by Jeffers

  • Zen Decoders

    Good email circular on Zen Decoders. Without question top of the class. However When are you going to sell them with sound?

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    Started by awh1

  • continuing problems with Hornby TTS decoders blowing

    Hi All, Has anyone else had problems with TTS decoders blowing? I have now had 4 go on one engine (King Charles II) - this loco has had the motor...

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    Started by Euan

  • Retained command memory

    I run with NCE Pro Cab through DCC Concepts Central and Alpha AEU with power from the Alpha DCD PWR. Recently I got an expert to add a stay alive to...

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    Started by awh1

  • CV Values for Decoders: Reference Document

    Would it be possible to create a reference schedule of typical DCC Decoder CV values for each RTR loco? Before asking this, I’ve already done...

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    Started by Damo666

  • Whiçh sound decoder and how

    I am just starting on the DCC route Just got my NCE power can ZEN 218's ordered Now I would like sound This is for a 10+ year old American SD40-2...

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    Started by Ian10gx40

  • Which Zen decoder

    I have just returned to the hobby and I have a number of H O American locos That are not DCC ready Which Zen decoders do I need to fit (I am going...

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    Started by Ian10gx40

  • YouChoos -DCC Sound

    I feel I must make known my complete satisfaction with John's service to me. I'm not going to give specific details but having encountered some...

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    Started by Shedman

  • Stay alive

    My first ever post on a forum! I'm in the process of setting up my old school boy layout... A bit of a lie... as I've replaced the track with...

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    Started by Inhuffyshed


    (Edited by Ahjay into normal sentence case rather than caps - I hope you do not mind.) My Cobalt iP point motors will program an initial address...

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    Started by JOHN C

  • ESU 21MTC Adapter Board and v4 8 Pin

    There was a similar discussion elsewhere on the forum that I posted, but this topic is now unique. I happen to have an 8 pin v4 with a purchased...

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    Started by Stimpy

  • Unexpected DCC installation issue with Rapido Sterling Single...

    With such a lovely loco, we didn't expect this! (This is just FYI - and so you are aware of the possible problem should you need to add a decoder to...

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    Started by AHJAY

  • Question about changing cv

    Hello, I have installed a decoder in a Hornby West Country. Works OK but performance was a bit lumpy. I changed cv54 to a value of 5 and now the...

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    Started by Joesoap

  • Help required decoder ZN8H

    I have just been asked by Mike8... can you help adjust the back emf on your decoder ZN8H. They obviously assume I work for DCC Concepts and...

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    Started by Jaz Avalley

  • Finding DCC sound decoders to suit the class...

    I have been uploading DCC sounds and sounds of real engines to YouTube for a few years now seeing as the sound of steam is one of my pet hobbies. It...

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    Started by LarryG

  • Easy Terrier A1X DCC Installation.

    Easy Terrier A1X DCC Installation. My 00 gauge layout is based upon the Hayling to Havant branch line, which operated with 0-6-0 Terrier A1X steam...

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    Started by Robin Sundt