I have purchased 20 plus 1st Class coaches (LMS porthole, Thompson etc) as they tend to be cheaper than 2nd Class. I also have 15 Lima coaches from years ago, I replaced the wheel sets on these to run on code 75.
I have removed the 1st Class decals, but I am having a problem find 2nd / 3rd Class decals. I received 5 packs of coach prefixes (2 BR M, 1 each  SR, WR, ER, from Modelmaster Jackson Evans but the Class decals are all 1st save six 2nd class on SR pack. Other than that the packs have plenty of coach numbers, Guard, luggage, pigeon, etc.
Does anyone know where I can source just 2nd / 3rd Class decals ?
Charley Martin


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Ruffnut Thorston
Hi Charley.

The marking of 3rd Class, and Second Class, doors was stopped sometime before WW2 I think.
Only first class was marked, as all other doors would be 3rd, or 2nd, Class.

In the beginning, there were the three classes, so all classes were marked.

Starting with the Midland Railway, 3rd Class was improved, and 2nd Class was dropped.

For some time, doors still carried a 1 or 3.

I can't remember off hand exactly when the 3 stopped being applied.

There are always exceptions of course.

This is on the Boat Trains on the Southern Railway, and later Southern Region.

As the Continental Railways, and the ships, still had at the time three classes, so the designated Boat Train coaches carried on with the three classes.

1st and 2nd class would be marked, 3rd Class being unmarked, as on the test of the railway.

All BR liveried coaches, except for certain SR Boat Train coaches, would only have the 1st Class marked.

3rd Class was renamed Second Class in the early 1950s, again I cannot remember the exact date.

It's amazing that it took so long.

So, that is why you won't find many 2s or 3s on most transfer sheets.

Also worthy of note, is that the design of coaches often varies between first class, and third class / second class.

This can often be seen in the window layout, as in general, first class compartments and seating bays are longer in the side than third / second class compartments and seating bays.

Third / second class coaches often have more windows than the first class coaches of the same design.

Also, the position, and number of lavatories can vary.

For completeness, 2nd Class became Standard Class, again I can't remember when, but comparatively recently to me! 😉😁

I do hope that this helps.

Best wishes,

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Thanks for info Ruffnut. I managed to find a sheet of numbers on Fox transfers.
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We learn something new every day!  Good job Ruff.
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I should add that my layout will be based on Bath Green Park, which saw a variety of coaching stock, and I'm not a purist. Anything that can be seen on locos, rolling stock etc enhances the visual aspect, especially for visitors.
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