Robin Sundt Echini

My seven year old grandson is mad on trains, which was my original excuse to start building my OO gauge layout of Hayling Island. His younger brother perhaps prefers car but loves doing things like ballasting and static grass. But, they wanted a layout of their own “just like mine”, with proper track, ballast, grass, roads, buildings and all. The problem, as ever, is space. Just about the minimum size for an OO gauge oval is six feet by four feet and, as they like running trains around rather than back and forward, I needed to find a way to get a layout into their bedroom without taking up all the space.

The solution that I came up with was a four by six table that can fold away against the wall when not in use. For the time being, it just has a Hornby Trackmat on the top.

The intention is to lay permanent track onto the baseboard secured to the table and to spend the summer with the grandchildren ballasting and putting all the scenery and buildings in place. So long as everything is secured to the baseboard, it can be folded back against the wall when not in use (you just have to remove the rolling stock and any vehicles and people that are not stuck down).

So, the baseboard can be folded back against the wall but the layout is still in full view.

The main baseboard is made of 9mm plywood with 22mm by 75mm edges and bracing underneath. There are two sliders mounted on the wall and attached to the back of the baseboard, with supports under the back edge to support the baseboard in its flat position. The two front legs support the front and they have magnetic catches so that they stay up when the table is being folded. Two pivot bar run from the bottom of the wall to one third along the depth of the table, so that the baseboard pivots around it gently.
Then, when the grandchildren (or even gramps) wants to run some trains, it can be pulled out again to make a secure baseboard table.

For now, the boys are just using it as a table to lay out their Hornby Settrack and run trains around, but when this virus thing dies down, we will start to make the layout permanent,

In the meantime, I have two very happy grandchildren!

Keep safe everyone.


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Absolutely brilliant.  Building the layout together though will create memories that will last their lifetime and keep a smile on your face.
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Nice and tidy, too.

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