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As a member on here..to which is a privalage and its free...and as a moderator on a large online fourm..as well as a average modler ..
Thank you to the owner
Thank you to the mods 
Thanks for understanding my english as im dislextic..
Mum said if you carnt say anything nice say nowt..construtive critisum from pepole i admire i can take.. 
Thats rubbish coment,  Snide remarks,  are form thouse who talk but dont do ..
We all are here to learn..and help each other.. just my 2 pennys worth
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Very well said Jaz. I agree entirely.
Regards Len
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Paragraph 2 Jaz:

Come to Settle. Give me a little advanced warning so I am sure to be here.

Dinner and drinks are on me for you both if we cannot make you an expert solderer before you have finished your second cup of coffee.

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Brian Considine
I've only been here for a few days & its early for me to get a real "feel" of the forum.

However, it's nice to see a few familiar names & know that they are still active in this wonderful hobby.

As for the forum, well, I'll get used to all the blue but I am dissapointed at the attitude regarding speeling & grammar - are some going to make an issue of how we spell tyre (UK) or tire (US) - I assume that there will be US modellers who will use the latter & indeed put their shopping in the trunk of their car as the UK modeller will use the boot. It does not matters that much, as long as we can all understand each other without diffeculty.
I expect I will get pulled up for using "&" instead of "and". Currently, I make a fair amount of contributions to another (non-railway) forum where the spelling &/or grammar (often caused by predictive text & to a certain extent poor aducation) is appaling but we can at least understand each other.

What, is really more important here - the modelling produced or the written word ?

Regarding moderators - I know better than many that it can be a thankless job - dammed if you do, dammed if you dont. I expect that as the forum matures there will be less moderator intervention - after all, at this stage there is probably a higher percentage of moderators to members ? I am currently a moderator on another (non- railway) forum where the moderation has to be robust. People often do not appreciate the fact that moderators give up their free time to help & often have to wear two hats.

So far, to me at least, DCCCF seems to be heading in the right direction.
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