We have been asked about selling within the forum. This is the place you chould use. Here are the guidelines....

This is a Private sales area - NO commercial offerings please:
The private member sales area is not meant for businesses. Please keep your posts in this area to your personal wants or items for sale or trade.


POSTING (offers):
The original offer: Make your initial post as complete as possible.


List all important information (condition, price, shipping cost, etc.). be as complete as you can, as including everything in the original post helps reduce clutter as folks won't have to be asking for additional information.


Photographs: Use as many as you need to properly portray what you are selling, but please keep the size reasonable if you add several. (you can drag to a new size after uploading)


REMINDERS (Bumping):
You're more than welcome to BUMP a post if you haven't sold an item, but not too often.
One bump every vouple of days is plenty. If your items haven't sold after a couple bumps... consider lowering the price or "give it a rest".


The first person that says "I'll buy" becomes first in line to make a deal.


Asking a question does not mean you are first. Sellers should quickly send a private message to prospective buyers to work out the specifics of completing the deal.


You might also want to "tag" the person you are talking to, so Facebook alerts them and they become aware of your interest quicker.

Be fair: Give people enough time to respond, say 12-24 hours before moving on to the next person in line.


Once you've sold an item please add a clear SOLD to the thread/post, so nobody is in any doubt.


The administrators/moderators will delete older, inactive posts after a sufficient amount of time has gone by, but we’d appreciate it if you monitored your own postings.


Contact ANY moderator if you need an offer or help with "post-deleting" etc at any time


The administrators and owners of this group assumes no liability for any transactions (other than his own) in this group. If someone doesn't follow through with his end of a deal, providing you have already done your best to reconcile things, please let us know.


We cannot do more than follow up from a different contact point for you of course, however we will do what we can to find a solution.

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An excellent addition to the forum Ahjay.  Thanks for putting this together. 
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Mister Rusty
I am locked out, hooked up on your last message, this is the only way that l can get into the forum.
Anyone else having issues?
Please check.
Could anyone reading  this, please advise Jazavalley or another admin , thanks
Be careful, in case it's a virus. The message received is:-
The last email that was sent to you was returned as spam by your email provider. Please update your account with a valid email address. Ahjay said  that my details are all in order, correct address and all.
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