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Darshan wrote:

From day one after installing the AD8fx every time I switch-on the NCE system to run my trains all the tortoise motors act in the same way as described above by Andy and stops in the middle. 

It sounds like the AD-8fx has auto-centering turned on. 

To turn this off, put all the channels on your AD-8fx to "SET", then send a request to change accessory 198.

Once done, put all the channels back to "RUN" then power-cycle your system. 

Don't worry - the channels will retain their original accessory numbers.
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Thank you Mick. It worked. 

I have one more issue. The 2 Cobalt digital I bought in 2012 which are installed on my layout moves every time I switch on the power. One actually makes a Tuk sound when it moves to one side. It is coming from the inside the motor and nothing to do with the track because I have run the motor on its own.

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Hello Darshan

The Cobalt motors also have the same self-centring setting. The product user instructions detail how to turn this off during installation, but the process is essentially the same as the one you have just carried out for the AD boards that you have.

Hope this helps
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Andywp wrote:
I have a point motor (Tortoise) that just keeps doing entirely its own thing. It will sit there silently for a bit, then suddenly change on its own.  Then, every now and then, it just keeps hunting. Motor noise but sometimes changes sometimes doesn't, just sits there hunting. I have the self-centering switched off, but no difference. When I switch it via the Powercab, it works, but then does its own thing later. If I switch it with the DCC Concepts lever-frame, its exactly the same. I think.

Is the point motor at fault, or is it something likely I have done wrong? Any ideas?

Sorted this out by removing the spring from the Peco points. All fine now. Doh...
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