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Jaz Avalley JazAvalley
The Airfix Meat Van...this is an old original Airfix kit, with a lovely little the moment, the van lives in its box!

The chassis was going to be  weighted with lead sheet underneath...but I got hold of some better weights. Car wheel balance weights, the slab type.

These were too big to go under the floor, so were added on top of the floor to either end...20g in 2X 10g weights.

The brake cross shaft and Vacuum Cylinder linkage has been represented with wire...

New spoked wheels, again Hornby or Bachmann, with the usual brass bearings.





Finished...well almost!

The roof is not glued on yet.

I may add some interior detail....and I do not know what colour the inside should be! ;)

The "Crewe" legend is from an old Modelmasters chalk lettering transfer sheet...

The original Airfix kit transfer sheet actually came with more than one wagon number....

I had a problem with the door hinges, they can be a bit delicate...

So, as a result, the doors only work on one side...

The insides of the doors have been painted to represent scrubbed wood...until someone comes up with the actual colour scheme.

The outside is BR Carmine, as these meat vans were sometimes run in passenger trains...this being an early van, in 1952-1954, Ruff-ley! 😉😁

Again, Parkside NEM mountings, NEM pockets, and Kadee NEM couplings have been fitted...along with "scale" coupling hooks...





does the delicate finish on the door hinges mean you are best to choose one choice of opening and shoot and then forever leave it at that in case you snap it off?

Jaz Avalley

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While I would like to add to the already interesting comments I am also aware that Ruffs original Airfix kit thread has now been hijacked.  Perhaps one of the moderators could split these comments off the end and start a new thread with them?

Then the interesting conversation that seems to be developing can continue and Ruff can get on with his kit wagons again!!😁
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Ruffnut Thorston
Hi Jazz.

The hinges are ok, if you can get the doors clipped in without breaking the hinges!

One side didn't play nice, and snapped, the other was persuaded to cooperate!

Once assembled, with care, the doors can be opened and closed...

The same applies to the Cattle Wagon, and the drop doors on the Mineral wagon...

Best wishes,

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