Can I use alpha A's with the original digital cobalt's'?

Which two wires from the Alpha go to which positions on the cobalt?

I have tried using positions 3 ad 4 (switch positions) to the Alpha

Using the Alpha
press connected switch 1 and the point changes
press connected switch 2  light changes, point nothing
press connected switch 1 again and the point changes

The Alpha is powered by two reg power supply, cobalt's by track DCC

Thanks Mike
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Alpha Switch A gives out a reversing DC supply to analog motors.(Original Classic/Omega Classic/Analog IP and other analog motors - such as Tortoise)
It will not work with Digital Motors (early or later IP)

The Digitals need either a signal via the DCC, or a pushbutton (with no other wiring) connected to terminals 4&5, .to make them operate.

There is a possibility that connecting between Alpha Switch A and Digital Cobalt will damage either - or both - of the Switch A and Digital.

DCCConcepts Tech/Customer support
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Thanks for the info

Here was me thinking I could use the Alpha A to make a simple push button board with LEDs
Back to push buttons and separate LEDs or trade in the As or Alpha Ds
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