The items I have are as follows:
2 x Cobalt Alpha Encoder
5 x Alpha Switch D packs with a mixture of red and green LED switches (65 in total) and including accessories such as screws.
1 x AD-8FX stall motor decoder.
3 x AD4 accessory decoders (these are the predecessors to the AD-FX range and no longer produced as far as I am aware)
Most of the Alpha Switches have no sticky backing having been in use on my panel but 20 switches are as new. 
The Alpha Encoders have slight scuff marks on the rubber backing but are otherwise as new.
Although I haven't tested anything since removal from my layout all items were in working order prior to changing the panel.   
I am open to offers for the whole lot or can split if necessary.
I can supply photographs if requested and I have the original Alpha Switch Manual but of course manuals for the other items are downloadable from the DCC Concepts website.
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These items have now all been sold.
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