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Briperran wrote:

Here you are Bunkerbarge all you have to do is select railcom on or off in one of the menu pages. Dont actually use it myself only time i have turned it on if i had a new ESU sound decoder it auto detects it and automatically sets up all the icons on the ecos for you once its done turned it off.



Got it, many thanks Brian
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AHJAY wrote:
No Ian, that is not what I said.

I explained clearly why I think Railcom is a naff approach though. It does not mean we ignore it as we DO compensate for its actions in every item we make and all of them work fine with it.

The meter is also totally compatible with any circuit involving DCC, DC or AC. It will precisely show what is happening at the track bus. That is what a meter should do.  It has nothing to do with compatibility. If you do not want to see it, do not buy the meter or turn off Railcom.


To the contrary, it is exactly what you said.

What you think about Railcom has nothing to do with whether the meter works or doesn’t, but if the user has to turn off Railcom to make the meter work when used on DCC then it is not compatible with Railcom and you should provide that information to buyers.


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But it works with Railcom Ian. Railcom has the affect on the track bus that the meter shows. That is the real world result.

Could we stop it showing the truth - yes, of course we could, in an instant.. Should we? I do not think so.

I think you thrive on playing games because we have all watched you many times ...starting an issue one place then taking responses to other forums where you then use them to suit yourself, thinking that will not be noticed. It is, every single time.

The answer is clear. This thread is now finished and locked. I will shortly "edit out the noise".

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