Whilst the new Alpha Meter is primarily designed to be mounted on a panel, here's a quick project to make it portable.

There is a template enclosed with the meter, but it's printed slightly small. Download the template from the website and print to full size - to double check, use a ruler against one of the printed dimensions. https://www.dccconcepts.com/alpha-meter-template/
Then carefully centre the template on the box lid. We used a Rapid Online box part no: 30-0510 (150 x 100 x 55mm ABS box)

Drill 8 holes - a 2.5mm drill is good - to mark the mounting holes and corners of the main cutout.

On both ends - mark two holes for suitable connectors of your choice - we used 4mm banana plugs as they have very good current carrying capacity. Use masking tape to show up your marks - one of them is the centre!

There's more than one way to cut out the centre, but I gently scored between the four holes.

And gradually made the cuts deeper. 

Finishing with up with this:

Meter fitted!

I then enlarged the end holes to suit my 4mm plugs
And wired to the meter plugs.
Note - there is a +/- marked on the circuit board  for DC purposes, so make sure your red/black is connected accordingly.

Plug in the meter.

And you're ready to go. As a voltmeter - connect to the input side.

For full volts/amps, connect input from DCC system and output to track.

Job done!
DCCConcepts Tech/Customer support
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Andrew Fryer deepfat
Nicely done, but surely the real value of this meter is to wander round a larger layout and test all is well, so I am surprised there isn't a meter in a box option anyway?
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Not really.

Out attitude, grown from very long experience, is that prevention is far better (and certainly far lower cost) than cure... as allowing things to be overloaded or letting faults to grow simply encourages failure in one place or another.
We see the greatest benefit and value in monitoring the health of the layout and locos interactively, so that power use is constantly understood and potentially problemmatic additions, whether they are at "layout addition or modification" level or from things placed on the track, are immediately seen or noticed.

A future box option is possible, but unlikely, as we see it as a very secondary thing.

Anyway, right now we just prefer to show those who may want to do it how easy it is to do.

regards, Ahjay
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Sam's Son
Thanks M.bryan for this. I have unashamedly copied your idea successfully installing my alpha meter in a box. I used RS part No 7531810 in red and black for the 4mm sockets which required a 6mm hole to mount them.
  the meter works fine and I can move the meter between my track and my rolling road using modified test leads.
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