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There is a load of great products out on the market, and China Coronavirus (Corvid-19) is likely to effect more technical technology rather than other items, still. There is ALWAYS A back up plan.

Those memory foam pillows that are now not so pristine, and the label says you cannot wash it.WHAT! After the amount you paid for it! No, no not in the bin, into the food mixer, cut and shred, then cover in paint, and make bushes or tree foliage, or grass, or pond sludge, or flowers to name a few. Cheap kiddies acrylic paints from poundland or similar.

Now this can end up naff, but you can cut green washing up pads for hedges, but add some of the memory foam so you have structure, and a nice hedge is perfectly possible.

Many coffee stirrers have been replaced by plastic ones, boo hiss, we need to find a use for them, so they are forced back to the wooden ones 😃 Fencing comes to mind, personally I do not do take away coffee, so I have neither wood nor plastic. But if anyone has had a go, please share 🙂

Now, there are plenty of 3D printer owners, who could provide a copy and replace broken components 🙂 Yes it might to b cheap, but if we have issues, it could be a good back up plan. Fingers crossed we don't need the plastic from China!



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