PJM_6583.jpg  Well, this is my first forum post in a VERY long time!!
I thought I would kick it off with my latest loco. 
A locosnstuff brigadelok.
its gone together reasonably well so far. 
Amazingly even though I am well into 3 figures with the number of locos I have bult, I believe this may be my first 0-8-0. I certainly cant think of another!
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Black Billy

Envy!  to at least the power 102

Too late now, this has to be one of those things I wish I’d done like sing the
Queen of the Night’s celebrated coloratura aria
or write Shakespeare’s Macbeth 🐒


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LOL I cant help you with the singing! 
its been a nice kit to do. its taken quite a while but that's more to do with it being a detailed prototype rather than a reflection on the kit. 

Many many moons ago, when I was a mere nipper, I scraped the muck off the one at Toddington ready for restoration. 
They would only trust me with a scraper! These days I don't even think they would have let me make the tea at that age!!

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