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My 3-yearold spray booth
More than one way to skin a cat ðŸ˜‰
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Yes, its simply a discussion.

I think any positive step by any modeller is a really good thing, and airbrushing is definitely one of those. I too started off simple and built several booths each of which worked, some better than others. I also often simply sprayed outside on a calm, dry, still-air day with good results (and the natural light was great to work with too). Of course the latter is not as easy in the land of annoying rain than elsewhere :-)

Having trod the path I try to share what I have learned...

Keep at it, read all posts, take from them what you want and simply mentally file any other interesting things / ignore those that don't suit.

regards, Ahjay
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If you can get hold of a copy of one of Tim Shackleton's old DVDs you can see that he is a great advocate of working outside.
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