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I decided at the outset of this project to try my hand at scratch building. I have selected a German WW2 radio tower which has now been turned into a luxury self catering accommodation on the Corbiere peninsula. The Channel Islands were  heavily fortified by Hitler against an invasion of Europe by the British forces and this tower was a radio and look out tower a picture can be seen below.   Recently someone had the idea of transforming this into a luxury holiday accommodation and built the viewing room on the top. This room has incredible views over Corbiere lighthouse. My first problem was what to make the tower out of and I finally chose copper pipe insulation’s can be seen in the picture below. The next dilemma was what to make the viewing room out of and I decided white plasticard and the only problem I had was sloping the windows. Finally matching the paint to a concrete colour was made easier when I found precision paints actually make a new
and weathered concrete colour. so all I need to do now is put the final concrete coat on and finish the aerial on the top.  8A96223F-D8AB-49CB-A545-543C68DBF4C4.jpeg  E7D3D5B9-0EED-406F-BA8D-8BA4C88A1B84.jpeg                                                                                                            
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I do love unusual pieces, great stuff

Jaz Avalley

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