This is what Stingtown will be
I am in the process of laying track
If you look at top left I have 2 pairs of left hand points
These are both set up the same ip digital motors mounted the same
Controlled by alpha switch
The very top pair work as per control panel but the pair slightly lower to the left work opposite
When set to run straight on the panel they actually set to cross over

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I'm certainly not the expert but I am sure that those that are will be asking for more information as regards what points motors, controllers, the panel and any other devices apart from the Alpha switches you might be using.  I am sure with a clear picture of the complete control set up it will be a fairly simple case of reversing the operation of some part of it.
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Peco code 100 medium left
NCE Power cab
Cobalt Digital IP
Alpha switch D
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IMG_20200403_101037.jpg this is a picture of the control panel
The 2  points at position 1 work ok press centre button and the points go to cross over then press either of the other 2 buttons and points set straight
Everything is the same on both sets point motors all mounted the same way and all wiring the same
And yet setup 2 is reversed.
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Hi Ian,
Something is swapped over somewhere - but as BB say - it's a simple fix
If you are using Alpha Switch, swap over the two plug inputs to the Switch-D board.
DCCConcepts Tech/Customer support
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Thanks Mick
I will try that when I get home from work
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