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When figure 3 is set on control panel. Figure 1 happens
When figure 4 is set on the control panel figure 2 happens

I have tried swapping plugs over on the panel but it makes no difference
Also I can't turn the cobalt motors around due to constraints
Can anyone help me please.

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You need to reverse one of your motors.
If they are Cobalt Digital IP, then give just one of them a temporary address of 197 (as per the manual).
Note - it should still retain the original address.
This will reverse the way it actions the left/right command

Then at least they'll work as a pair.
If they then work alternate to the switches, then swap over the pair of plugs at the Switch-D board.

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How do I do it
This is the side of DCC that confused me
To set them up all I do is set to program and press the push buttons a few times the put switch to run
I am using NCE Power cab
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On the Cobalt IP Digital you want to reverse, move the switch to 'SET' then on the Power Cab press 'SELECT ACCY 'enter 197, then 1, repeat this then disconnect the power. Next on the point motor move the switch to RUN, power on and test by selecting the address you have given to that point motor. 

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