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I wonder if the DCC Concepts gentlemen can help.

My layout is predominantly controlled by DCC Concepts equipment. I have a track bus and an accessory bus.

The track bus is Alpha Power, Alpha Box and a Digikeijs 5000 controller.
The accessory bus was DCC Concepts 1.5A PSU, Alpha Sniffer and Cobalt digital IPs (x24) Also connected to this was the Cobalt SS Controller with x2 SS motors attached.
Connected to the accessory bus were 2x Alpha Mimic boards running points lights.

Last week the PSU on the accessory bus began clicking and then I got a flashing red short on the sniffer. Despite isolating the sniffer, I could not get rid of the flashing red light and had to declare the unit dead. Thinking I had just been unlucky with the PSU causing the sniffer to fail, I ordered a replacement DCC Concepts 2A PSU as recommended in the manual, and a replacement sniffer.

Upon connecting the units the red flashing short light was still doing it's business. Gradually I began disconnecting the connected circuit sections to try to see what other equipment had failed.

Only by removing the SS Controller and the Alpha Mimic boards can I get back a steady blue light on the accessory bus. Thankfully my Cobalt IPs seem unaffected.

I then retried connecting these individual components up to DCC power but none will power. If I connect any back to the accessory bus, the flashing red light re-appears to show short circuit.

I can only assume I have been immensely unlucky, as I have had several months of perfect dependable running up until this event. I also assume I have had a PSU failure which has in turn caused the first sniffer, both mimics, and the SS controller to die.

Before I invest in 2 replacement Alpha Mimics and an SS controller board, I wondered if DCC concepts offer a repair service? Or should I just accept I have been hugely unlucky and try to find replacements.. a pricey option. 

I appreciate any advice and suggestions. BTW as previously stated the Digital IPs, Locos, and other electronics seem fine.

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You should call and talk to Mick or John. They will assist you
01729 821 080

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Ashbourne Junction Tonefan
Thanks Ahjay, I will do.

kind regards
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