Peter Pocock
Recently a friend of mine started to install your very nice modern style led street lamps. They are pretty good I must say!
However, he was having an issue in that he could only get one half of the pair to light? Well he asked me for help and once I had my paws on them saw what the issues were. He had joined one long  and one short wire together without realising there were in fact two long and two short and one was positive and the other negative. 
Now one issue was that the instructions on he back of the packet did not explain this trick! And the importance about the wire length difference.
I followed the diagram on the box to get the polarity correct on the pcb but, the second issue was the printing (regarding the polarity) on the pcb is exactly opposite the instructions on the back of the box! 
I wired the pcb according to the box and both lights worked beautifully. Just for the hell of it I reversed ther polarity of the power supply  see if the lghts worked, they did not.
Can you check you packaging and the pcb to see what I'm on about please
Peter Pocock
Western Australia.

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