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Very Nice work Mick.
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As Warley NEC has been postponed/cancelled for 2020, it should reappear at the 2021 event.

Next planned show is now Ally Pally in March 2021.

I shall endeavour to set DL up somewhere for a few days as I'm beginning to get playing trains withdrawal symptoms...….
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Some of you may be familiar with my HTA-HRA conversion project.
In 2017/2018, EWS modified 125 HTA coal hoppers into a shortened HRA stone hopper by removing the centre bay.
Reason for doing this is efficiency as an HTA wastes space as it cannot be fully loaded with stone, otherwise it would be overweight.
(Stone is much more dense than coal)
For the same length of the train, the HRA set can carry about 20% more tonnage than the same overall train length of HTAs. 

The Bachmann hopper is stripped down - the upper and lower main sections are clearly seen
Then it is cut into three sections - the middle one being less than 44mm (as that is the length reduction eventually required)
Then re-assembly begins with an upper and lower section - the staggered joint is to aid strength on rebuild. 

The excess length is then trimmed off the other lower and upper sections to make the correct length wagon. (Ignore the broken/bent door operating bars -they were all sorted later)

 Filler applied along the joints and later sanded down

The prototype also has a staggered joint, but to replicate this cut would have been difficult, so a cosmetic joint is represented with thin paper strips -the real HRAs have a 75mm wide strip welded across the joint). Red oxide primer is used at this stage to highlight any areas than need refilling/re-sanding.

Then it's off to the paintshop and bespoke decals, courtesy of Steve at Railtec Transfers

   HRA decal1.jpg 

Repeat the above 16 times.
59 individual decals per wagon - 944 in total!

Weathering and graffiti tagging to follow.

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Absolutely beautiful job.  How you have the patience to do it so many times I have no idea.  One of my pet hates when modelling is repetition!

Just one of those is a masterpiece, a rake of 16 is quite amazing.
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Thanks BB.
The first rebuild was done as "proof of concept" and the next 15 were in two batches of 7 & 8.
The sawing/glueing/filling/sanding was actually the most satisfying part of the project as that's when they start to look like a wagon again.

The red paint was carried out in one session.
The decals were the most time consuming - they were done in groups of 4 to stop me going mad.

Here's a video of their first "revenue run" at WIgan Ex last year. (Weathering and graffiti to come)
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Lovely sight Mick and I like the 08/9[?] quietly shuffling along in the background, nice touch.

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The conversion pics have disappeared.
I shall investigate later.

edit: they should all be viewable now.

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