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Briperran wrote:
They can actually make the facebook group public so anyone can view whether you have a facebook account or not i am not sure why they have not done that perhaps they will so all can view it there does seem to be a lot of worldwide support for this venture and looks like it going to be well worth looking at. there also seems to be a lot of trade support offering discounts for the duration of the virtual show.


Hi Brian,
I had a look at the FB site and they are asking folks to tick a list to indicate what sort of interest they might have, which includes Viewer, Exhibition contributor, Trader and a few others.  They said they would check the list before allowing access.  Access to posting, or just viewing can therefore be set accordingly.

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I posted it because it will be welcomed by many.

The difference is simple. One is live and interactive, the other a form of static presentation no matter how much effort is expended.

It is simply not possible to do it the same way on a simple website. In the end if you do not want to be part of it that is just fine... but its not reasonable to think that the creators should support other formats because they think that the one they chose is best for them. 

Some food for thought:

* All new ideas should be wekcomed and given a chance to strut their stuff.
* Its an interesting experiment, and timely given the current situation.
* Its existence is an extension of communication.
* Its easy to lose sight of the fact that its a simple choice. Participate or not.
* Its easy to forget that whatever the medium, that choice and the decision to invest time in doing it are both in the hands of the creator, but the fact that it is using a medium you do not want to be part of is not a restriction placed by the creator. 
* A significant number of others have supported that choice with their layouts, their time and the effort needed to be part of it, so it must generally appeal..
* You are the consumers... you will in the end be the judges.

No different to any other other "Hobby life preferences" I guess - For example, personally I think modelling any railway who's up line points north is a wrong choice, but that does not stop me occasionally admiring the effort and skill used by the modellers that do it. however apart from pulling their leg about it I'd never suggest that they change.

Sol - No point in asking us questions about that... Ask the creators.
However I'd point out that its not being done for your conveneience - it is an effort to do something not often seen in the hobby and do it in a way thats not been attempted in UK as far as I know.

Why can't we just cheer the initiative and, for those members not averse to facebook, take a look... commenting AFTER some real world experience.

regards, Ahjay
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driver238 wrote:

I haven't missed the point.
The point is that you won't do FB and feel the need to comment about being left out from the virtual show, because you won't do FB....

No its not the point, as I said earlier in the thread and you copied, I think a virtual show is a great idea.  Its just a shame it is only available to Facebook users.

Personally I don't care for myself, I can do a show as and when I want.

As for whether this is social media or not is just you trying to be clever and demonstrates to me the opposite. 
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Ron Solly Sol
I have no problems with it being on Facebook as such  but in this case one has to join. There are quite a few Facebook pages that is viewable without having to join.
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I guess Ahjay’s point is that you either hop on, or hop off !  Simple
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