Jaz Avalley JazAvalley

I think I can speak for all of us when I that people should not be intimidated by the people who dominate the posts.....whistles innocently-not too successfully 😃

We value everybody's opinions, we do not have to agree on everything or indeed anything, so feel free to post and chat. If you do feel intimidated, ask a mod to monitor your thread for a short time until you feel comfortable.

I personally have had to slow down slapping my own pictures on other peoples threads, good intentions maybe, but I have found it can overwhelm others, making them feel shouted down.or intimidated.

Come on be brave, feel free to share your thoughts, your layout. Have a laugh, hey have a moan, about product (not each other LOL)

You should feel comfortable to post here, and feel safe from adverse comments. Indeed if you are concerned ask people to not post replies until you feel comfortable with it. 

I for one would actually enjoy seeing a bit of Thomas the Tank engine. Just because I have no kiddies to share my hobby with does not mean that I do not smile every time I see one. In fact if anyone out there does a Thomas the Tank engine layout I would love for you to step up and share.

Off the cuff, original ideas or mixes give us something else to look at

0753 come out of the sadows

IMG_0753 (1).jpg 




IMG_0244 (1).jpg 

0135 or prefer the real reference

IMG_0135 (2).jpg 

9145 for your modelling


Jaz Avalley

Model Railway Discussion Group

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Peter Rust Rusty Pete
I am in total agreement with your views.
I now frequently refrain from posting on others' threads , sometimes opening a related post of my own, sharing a topic.
However, more often than not, nowadays l do not bother to post at all.
More than one way to skin a cat ðŸ˜‰
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Dear Jaz

In the period that those wagons represent, BR painted their dinosaurs in quite a different shade of brown. Of course because it was based on red lead, they soon died out.

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On a more serious thought... Its important to remember the Forum philosophy and the outline sent to all new members (and available to all on request).

We have a responsibility to teach. We have a responsibility to share. Differences and debate are just fine as long as they are respectful or treated as a pub conversation not a point scoring exercise. Personal comments are unwelcome and the gods will get angry.  Read what's written, and do not try to read anything between the lines.

Members are encouraged to share, whether new modellers or old hands... That improves the forum for ALL.

Do not forget the like button. It can motivate members more than you think. Praise is welcome but should always be sincere and appropriate - and ALL efforts should be respected even if they have some way to go to achieve museum quality.

Criticise if it is warranted but ONLY if you add ideas and advice to improve. Criticism without positive support alongside it isn't welcome though, and ideas are to be shared because we want to help, not to score points.

Knowledge and smart ideas are NOT the presereve of old hands - some great ideas come from people new to the hobby or migrating to it from other hobby areas and ALL should be seen as a positive resource. Knowledge is of huge value to all so anyone may suggest improvements and ideas respectfully and those who post are equally free to enjoy, accept or reject it.

We need to inspire and assist.

As it says in the forum header... Share, Inform, Advise and Encourage.

Grumpy old persons can go play elsewhere.

regards, Ahjay
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I think one of the most important lessons I learned during my time at sea was the significance of putting a negative message over in a positive way.  This was particularly appropriate during performance conversations but relates so much to every day life as well.  It is the easiest thing in the world to critisise but that bit more challenging to offer a better way of doing something then leave it up to the individual to make their own choice.

For me modelling is a learning curve for all of us and we are are all still learning no matter where we are on the curve.  Newcomers may have fresh new ideas that have not yet been tried and old hands may have years of experience to share that may save someone going down a painful path.

I have been convinced for some years now that the real key to a forums success is nothing more than respect for each other, whatever their age or ability.  If everyone remembers that you won't go far wrong.
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Bunkerbarge wrote:

I have been convinced for some years now that the real key to a forums success is nothing more than respect for each other, whatever their age or ability.  If everyone remembers that you won't go far wrong.

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Peter Rust Rusty Pete
Ahjay's  quote


2 adages :-
Courtesy costs nothing, and can earn a fortune
Treat others as you wish to be treated.

The basis of my Father's philosophy on life and living.
More than one way to skin a cat ðŸ˜‰
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