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Geoff, you can either do it in 'Word', by changing the text colour to white and the background colour to black or you can do it in a photo editing software by reversing the two.  You could even use a negative function if the editing software has one.

I think by far the easiest is to simply do it in the word processing software.  If you are able to resize this then by all means feel free to use it.  If not let me know the final dimensions you need and I will try to put a sign together for you.

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Hi Bunkerbarge,

That's more like it - However much of my problem revolves around the quality, or lack of, in my printer.
I've found that by reversing the colours the white text is so fine the printer can't give sharp enough edging,
becoming almost unreadable. It was better to have readable text. No way will I be spending money on a
decent  laser printer for just a few small signs, I will live with what I CAN do rather than worry about some
minor inaccuracies. Better with reverse colour signs than none at all.

Nowadays I tend to look at the potential return on investments, even time. At the age of 78 with deteriorating
sight I tend not to think beyond a maximum of 5 years. If the grim reaper doesn't get me then failing physical
attributes will. I'm a rather blunt realist.

Thanks for the input good fellow, it's from help like that that I've become a half reasonable modeller.

Geoff T 
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Ruffnut Thorston

I have found that finer text can be printed using photo paper.

The ink doesn’t bleed as much as on plain paper.

A coat of matt varnish finishes the job.

Test the varnish first, as some types dissolve the printing...

397F0333-4D7E-43E7-9302-90A9D0BD2165.jpeg  F1B8CE09-EF73-408D-9106-0F19B276DEEF.jpeg  24F98710-777D-4AD8-989C-B81707F75E91.jpeg 
Best wishes,

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Agreed with both of the above.  A minor addition, to cover the eventuality, mentioned by Ruff, with varnish dissolving the ink, would be the use of Sellotape to cover the print.  A word of caution, as I am referring to the use of Sellotape "Clear", which seems to be just labelled Sellotape nowadays{??}.  It is, however very easy to tell if it's the right product, as it's absolutely glass clear, with absolutely no trace of the yellowing, visible on their other products.  It also sticks like crazy and is none effected by UV.  Many R?C aircraft modellers use it for control surface hinges, I have some models over 15 years old, still like new.  {I wish I could say that about the dents on the leading edges!!  😨 }

Before, purchased 2nd-hand, after the attentions of a young lad...

Signs, to be reduced, in a Word Text box.
Knight Bus Sign.jpg 

After printing on cheap, postcard size photo-paper, nicked from some bought by Mrs R...
Sellotape covered, before being cut out for sticking on the bus.

Best wishes

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For what its worth, its also no a bad idea to spray the back and front - it stabilises the paper properly by equally stressing both sides and reduces the possibility of adhesives being absorbed and affecting it.

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I thank you all for the suggestions.
I may see if I still have any photo papers, but currently this is on a 'hold'

I'm using the fine weather to finish a 7 mm '0' loop test track for the club. All wiring in, with
2 frog juicers allowing some test running of my Dapol Sentinel with the Parkside brake van.


I have both a Modelu driver & guard to fix in.

One last picture simply taken for fun from Green Frog Brewery's paved area outside the offices.


I keep myself busy !!
Lockdown ? What lockdown ?

Geoff T.
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