Peter Rust Rusty Pete
As above 😉🤡
More than one way to skin a cat ðŸ˜‰
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Happy New Year Peter and all the other contributors here.

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Happy New Year everyone. Now the festive season is over its good to get back to modelling.
Regards Len
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Happy New Year!

Thanks also to Ahjay and the DCC Concepts team for hosting the forum and providing the expert guidance and advice we all benefit from.


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.......and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone from me.  I hope we all get to progress and enjoy our modelling successfully!
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Ruffnut Thorston
Happy New Year to all...🥂

Here we go again! 😉😁
Best wishes,

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Hi to Richard J and team at dcc, also all on this forum HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW AND A SAFE ONE TOO

BEST WISHES    Monty   Perth West Australia
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