We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated in two categories for this year's Model Railway Awards from Hornby Magazine!
We have been nominated for "Innovation of the Year" for our Zen Black decoders and for "Specialist of the Year".
Click this link to cast your vote!
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Jack Wong
I wish you success and raise your glass of wine.
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Good luck guys, well deserved nominations.
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Richard: Well deserved. I have already voted! May I suggest that those of your readers that purchase your innovative products and value your legendary advice vote appropriately!
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Mister Rusty
Ummm, for whom do l vote ?
Ooh, decisions, decisions !
Congrats, as before 😉
Brunel 273's advice to us all should be heeded.
A true no-brainer !!

Also, l'll take this opportunity to pass on publicly,
My thanks to each and every individual for being there; without you, there would be no DCCconcepts.
I am locked out, hooked up on your last message, this is the only way that l can get into the forum.
Anyone else having issues?
Please check.
Could anyone reading  this, please advise Jazavalley or another admin , thanks
Be careful, in case it's a virus. The message received is:-
The last email that was sent to you was returned as spam by your email provider. Please update your account with a valid email address. Ahjay said  that my details are all in order, correct address and all.
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