Hi everyone. I am what is termed as a senior citizen. I have built 4 model railways over the years. My first was OO English outline many many years ago. I then moved onto a German N gauge, and then when i got bored with that I built an English layout also in N gauge. I really enjoyed that layout, but sadly as time went on I developed a vision problem, so it was either stop modelling or revert to a larger size. I have now started another German outline but this time in HO, but it is definitely in its infancy. I have a mixture of rolling stock so using ESU, Trix, Roco and NMJ. I hope to show some pictures as the layout progresses. Regards Len
Regards Len
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Welcome Len. I look forward to seeing it.
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John Edge Allegheny1600
Hello Len,
That sounds very interesting, you certainly have chosen the quality makes of equipment!
I have a couple of ESU locos myself and they are great fun, aren't they!?
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