Harry Marshall Haythorn UP49er2906
Howdy all , glad to be here on what looks like a great forum. I am a Union Pacific Steam Era modeler, I write the UP Hub column for the Modelers Journal, a 100% free Emag. I also run 2 different UP group's on facebook and a Google + page. 
I also post regularly on Facebook and Google +, as well as my YouTube channel 
20180822_173401.jpg  20180821_102519_014_01.jpg  20180821_102519_015_01.jpg  20180821_090122.jpg  20180821_090033.jpg  20180821_085636.jpg  20180819_145515.jpg
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Jaz Avalley JazAvalley

Hey Harry 🙂

Lovely to see you here, as someone who has regularly read your articles, I can say that it is a pleasure to host you 🙂

Jaz Avalley

Model Railway Discussion Group

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John Porter Greyvoices
May I ask a question Harry?

Who was or is Howard Fogg?

Am I showing my ignorance by not knowing?

OK so that was 3 questions ........... but that is a good looking coach (car).

Best regards .............. John
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John Edge Allegheny1600
Hello Harry,
that is some wonderful modelling on display there, terrific!
what is the story behind the coach with the roof extension, please?
I'm sure there is a lot of work gone into that.
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David Todd
Good to meet you Arry !
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A fellow UP Modeller. Those customs coaches are exquisite. Are they made from kits with resin moulds or are they made from scratch?

Do you have a layout to run them on? 
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Paul Ashton Focalplane
I have to admit to being an SP fan first, UP second.  When I lived in Houston, the Gulf Coast Chapter organized several excursions with the UP, using both the E9s and the Challenger 3985 (844 was not available back then).  As a result I have somewhere in my possession quite a lot of UP HO stock, including several items that were made in the 1980s.  I have moved up to British Gauge O so all these boxes are stored away, but every so often I pull them out and think about what could be done.  Then I put them back again!

If you are interested I can post a selection of photos from those heritage trips.  They were great fun, whether riding as a customer or helping as a volunteer.

Cheers, Paul
Paul Ashton

Penmaenpool in 1959, Gauge O finescale
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Another ex-UP fan and modeller here from the mid to late 1980's when variety was the name of the game. Much of it was down to the livery and Pete Waterman and I even got BR to finish a British loco in UP colours.  

I am left wondering what is under the roof cowling. Is it a generator coach for steam-hauled services?
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Paul Ashton Focalplane
As a follow up, all my prints from the UP trips are stored away, but I do have a limited print commissioned for the last passenger run west of Houston on the old Katy line which paralleled Interstate 10 for about 25 miles.  They widened the freeway and the single track railroad was lost.  Well, here is the print:


The Heritage E9 ABA set pulled the train from Houston to Smallville and back, turning the train at the wye at Smallville which also has a very worthwhile small railroad museum.  There were two run by photo opportunities, very well organized.  My wife and I were lucky enough to ride in the dome of the tail end City of San Francisco.  The scene is set at the town of Katy, named after the railroad and located just west of Houston.  The train is pictured heading toward Houston.
Paul Ashton

Penmaenpool in 1959, Gauge O finescale
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