We are excited to let you know that the following items will be available very shortly - you can order now on our website:
Cobalt iP Digital (all size packs)
DCP-CB1DiP (single pack)
DCP-CB6DiP (six pack)
DCP-CB12DiP (twelve pack)
Cobalt iP Analog (all size packs)
DCP-CB1iP (single pack)
DCP-CB6iP (six pack)
DCP-CB12iP (twelve pack)
Cobalt Solenoid Decoders:
DCD-ADS-2sx (2 outputs)
DCD-ADS-4sx (4 outputs)
DCD-ADS-8sx (8 outputs)
Zen Super Stay-Alive:
DCD-ZNSSA-1 (single pack)
DCD-ZNSSA-3 (three pack)
OO/HO Back-to-Back Gauge:
DCG-BB145 (OO/HO standard)
Chrome-Mounted Panel LEDs:
LED-RDCP (red)
LED-GRCP (green)
LED-WHCP (white)
LED-BLCP (blue)
LED-RGCP (red/green)
There will be a significant increase in demand for these lines as they have been out of stock for some time - make sure you get your order in early!
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This is great news Richard. Do you have any indications on when your excellent wheel sets (OO gauge) will be back in stock?
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Good news!  Do you have a rough idea about the SS point motors.  I think I managed to get the last two and that will do me for now, but will need some more in a few months time!  The are so useful when it is not  easy to use under the board motors
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Hi Denfire and 37011 - I'm afraid I don't have an ETA for those products right now - I'll make sure I list on here as soon as I have delivery dates.
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