Stuart Birks StuartB
I have been making a few small buildings for my layout. These are a mix of kit, modified kit and scratchbuild. In most cases I have extended the wall sections down a few millimeters so that the building will be set into its location. i hate gaps under buildings.

For each building I have two pictures. The first shows it as built, the second shows it with some ballast places around it to show where the ground level will be. In most cases it will not actually be ballast but that was easy to set up for the photo. It is a simple matter to cut a hole in paving sheet or something similar.

The first is a yard crane. This is a kit but was bought a long time ago and can't remember where from.


Next is a plate layers hut.. A simple scratch build




More to follow.
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Peter Rust Rusty Pete
So worthwhile fitting ultra-fine chain.
Found mine, courtesy of BB Richard.
And then chemically-blacked it.
More than one way to skin a cat ðŸ˜‰
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Stuart Birks StuartB
The lamp hut is a Dart Castings white metal kit. This is the one building where I dont mind if a slight gap shows as I can believe that could happen in real life.

lamphut1.jpg  lamphut2.jpg 
The coal stage is based on a photo of one at Watlington. Some of the "coal" isn't black so that needs to be corrected.
coalstage1.jpg  coalstage2.jpg 


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Peter Rust Rusty Pete
Coal is not always coal black or jet black, more often a very fine hint of brown [lignite] or grey [dust] can help
Anthracite is the hottest-burning, took the bars out of a pub grate overnight, thanks to some visiting traction-engine boys [ no wonder they gave it away!!].
They used to swear by ''Daw Mill'' when the pit was open.
More than one way to skin a cat ðŸ˜‰
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Stuart Birks StuartB
Thanks but is is definitly not sand colour which is what is showing around the edges. I also want to put odd bits lying about. It just shouldnt be that neat.
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Nice jobs Stuart.  I like the crane, something a little different and, as Pete says, benefits from the fine chain.  I also like the lose and missing planks around the coal staithes.
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Stuart Birks StuartB
The chain looks good but actually isn't chain. Its an etch that came with the kit and is a bu**er if you touch it as it bends and is difficult to straighten. Its not straight in the photo but if I keep doing it eventially it will snap so it will stay bent until the final positioning on the layout.

This is based on the plans of a cycle shed from Fairford. Its just 2 Wills kits joined together. Its not until you try this that you find out just how inaccurate some models are. When I took a slice from the roof and turned it round thes sides are different by about 2mm. Next time I will build me own except there probably never will be a next time.
pagoda1.jpg  pagoda2.jpg 

The weighbridge is a Severn Models etched brass kit. This went together very well. I am still deciding what level of weathering to apply so it is still clean here. Also I havent fitted the window glazing yet,



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Very nicely done Stuart i do similar things myself mixing scratchbuilding and modifying kits to my requirements i call that a Scratchbash.

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Jaz Avalley JazAvalley

These little buildings add the necessary character, and you have done a really nice job on them too. Updating them makes them feel personal and less generic.and lightly weathered will suit a nice working railway. There is not one I would not happily pop on my own layout.Once you ensure they are probably bedded and avoid the floating issues that can occur they will look good and photograph well. Ahjay and many others will say go for the smaller end on any ballast. Tealeaves dried, can also be used to help sit them in (make sure they are totally dry or they will mould! Then the odd pallet or even smaller detail will give them a nice lived in look.

Very nice work 🙂

Jaz Avalley

Model Railway Discussion Group
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Stuart, I would definitely suggest that you use real model chain in future.  It looks the best and is strong enough to handle easily.  You can also use it to create spare piles of chain in appropriate workshop locations or with lifting gear to very good effect.
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Ruffnut Thorston
Ratio supply etched 'chain' in the GWR water tower kit... DCP13480.jpg 
Best wishes,

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Stuart Birks StuartB
i have completed the set of lineside buildings I am planning to use.
The first is the water crane from Skytrex. This is the ground mounted one.


And this is the platform mounted one, yet to be weathered.
These are both good models but as with all white metal castings round things dont come out round so I couldn't resist putting some of the parts in the lathe and truing them up. The difference is small but they are better for it.

The cattle dock is a scratch build from the diagram in the Great Western Arcitecture book


There is more work in this than it might seem. The posts should be a scale 6" square and 7" square for the gate posts. The 6" posts are ok for 2mm square strip but the 7" posts need 2.33mm so for those some 2.5mm was milled down to the right size. 
For the gates a couple of jigs were made to ensure that the bar spacing was consistent.
The ground should be 4" squares so this was scribed into some flat sheet.


I was not happy with the coal effect I had created using painted ballast so I have replace it with real coal. I think it looks better now.

For an enginemans hut I got an old Triang guards van and chopped it about a bit turning this


Into this.

IMG_5292.jpg  IMG_5293.jpg   
I just need to place it all on the layout now.

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All excellent jobs Stu.  I completely agree with the misalignment issues with some while metal castings, having come across this in the model boat world many times.  I invariably end up replacing parts with copper or brass tube for a much better overall appearance to the point where I'm not a great fan of white metal castings now as I end up doing more scratch building work than I should need to.  Your water cranes do look superb though.  I like the flexible discharge pipe, which the dry brushing has enhanced perfectly.  

As for the cattle dock, I take my hat off to anyone that mills anything of 2.5mm down to 2.33mm just to achieve a scale look!  At the end of the day the arrangement is worlds apart from any of the kit or ready made offerings and looks absolutely perfect.   It isn't immediately obvious just how much effort has gone into the drilling of the posts with uneven spacing of the horizontal bars.

Lovely jobs all of them.
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