Any chance of an explanation on why my Cobalt digital IP operating Peco electrofrog via NCE Pro Cab through Alpha Central has lost its memory. I have tested its operation by doing the wire into the PBSC slot  and shorting across the adjacent PBS L and R terminals. It functions that way, but will not accept the set/run commands. I have religiously followed the ten mm rule for the track droppers into the IP. This problem has occurred a number of times following shorts and remedied by reset, but on the last occasion the address (#2) chose to shift across to operate #7 , which has now been correctly reset. Now the #2 just will not accept set/run instructions. Is the only explanation the quality of the contact on the 10mm inserted into the DCC In terminals, or have I somehow damaged the IP's internal chip? Or has the NCE Pro Cab or the Central been confused?
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It was recommended to me when I suffered similar problems, to install a 12v car Bulb between the frog wire on the point, and the appropriate terminal on the Cobalt IP. Largely remedied the problem, which occurred for me, more than once. Although my Cobalts always did reset, albeit not always first time.
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By all means send it to us and we will take a look at it for you.

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I have the same operating system except that my point control is using a control panel made with Alpha Switches, and I have had the same problem, sometimes affecting several points at the same time. I have been able to reprogram them but it's a bit of a nuisance, and for some reason they always seem to reprogram the wrong way and I have to switch them over. I thought it was just my setup but it seems it's not an uncommon problem.
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Apparently they had a bad batch of them, mine were replaced for free very happy with the service.
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