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Yes Bunkerbarge - it is amazing what we can do in this digital age. Only limited by your on mind

And, sadly, how much you are able to spend on your layout, in both time and money. 
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And in my case, ability. So far this weekend, if a double slip I have not yet cured, managed to fit a keep alive to one loco, then lost the sound on another, and messed up a third while trying to fit a keep-alive, to be subsequently told that you cannot fit a stay alive to a BLI SW1500 !!!

Maybe I will achieve something next weekend, but the beauty of our hobby is that I have still had an enjoyable, if not particularly productive weekend. Still managed to run some trains.
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john whiteside
I also looked at the Faller system after a visit, but found it to be to unrealistic in some of the movements as in the way it stops the cars as the come to a sudden stop and dont decelerate. also the way the lighting functions work, i may be fussy but i like to see the brake lights come on as the car slows to a stop. and the indicators blink as a corner at junction is rounded.
This can all be acheved using a system called   MCC Dinamo Car System .
I have this system running on my layout using converted Oxford Diecast models.
It is computer comtroled and those using The I Train software will be able to use this along side it.
John Whiteside
DCC Concepts
Technical / Customer support 
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I looked at ITrain software also, my preference was to use Train Controller. We all have our own personal preferences as to which system is better and that’s ok. 

Enjoy whatever system is preferred as they all have their own good and not so good aspects. 

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