Mister Rusty
Och Ae is Buchanan McInroy's next layout.
As l persuaded him to go digital, it has had to be re-wired as it was originally going to be dc, and certain assumptions had been made, including cutting the wiring tails off the points for some reason.
So, job 1 was to wire my way out of that one!

Och Ae 011118 - 1.jpg 

The track plan is there, for component id, one point has been changed because it is intended to be able to add this to the headshunt of Buchshee if/when we wish. This will be another part of Buchshee's rebuild.
I have to get Och Ae out of the way, to enable Buchshee to be assembled and worked upon.

 Och Ae 011118 - 2.jpg

This image shows how the layouts are supported.
The book/display shelves are from Ikea and spare shelves are screwed to create cantilevers to support the layout modules.
Whilst they are a little high for operating from my armchair, l avoid back strain and do not have to lie under them for wiring either. A  couple of breakfast bar stools will solve the issues when the layouts are finished.
Enough for now, I shall [   ] off and produce the wiring diagram by flipping the wiring diagram from left to right.
Planning to use red to the top, with black below.
Mind l am pondering whether to use blue to correspond with DCCconcepts track and wire illustrations. I already use green wire for frog feeds to the Cobalts.
In a way, I suppose that this is part one of my competition entry as it is a trial run to prove my core layout rebuild of Buchshee.
😈Anyone got a book on point-rodding, please? 😈
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Anyone else having issues?
Please check.
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