Mister Rusty
In 1958, I was given a second-hand Trix 0-4-0 tank engine in black. It would not run on my Hornby Dublo 3-rail layout [ on the carpet in those days ], so I stripped it totally to see if I could mend it.
When Dad came home , I asked him if he could re-assemble it as I had got lost where all the bits went [I was 8 years old].

He seemed angry that l also handed him a ball of very fine wire.....
Well, I did say that I had totally stripped it, didn't l ????
I am locked out, hooked up on your last message, this is the only way that l can get into the forum.
Anyone else having issues?
Please check.
Could anyone reading  this, please advise Jazavalley or another admin , thanks
Be careful, in case it's a virus. The message received is:-
The last email that was sent to you was returned as spam by your email provider. Please update your account with a valid email address. Ahjay said  that my details are all in order, correct address and all.
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