Mister Rusty
Having just built the GNR 6-wheeler, and enjoyed the experience, l am minded to build  some more from the same source. I think that they would look superb behind one of the fleet of Stroudley Terriers, and other small tanks.
During any further build, certain changes will be made
1 the cards will be sealed with clear varnish to give them substance before build.
2 roof stringers will be replaced with plastic
3 roof itself formed in plastic, and shaped over a former in hot water
4 chassis system will be retained.
5 all panelwork will be 'grained', using  the Dulux varnish as before.
6 coffee-stirrers will be fitted to create a step and to correct the buffer height before axle-units are installed
7 Hornby underframes to donate the axle -units, centre-axle retainer and buffers. It is 3mm too tall to be used in toto.
8 side cornices from plastic strip, rain deflectors from kit
9 brake components from plastic strip
10 end steps plastic strip.
 No doubt, other items will crop up as the build continues.
Watch this space.
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