Andrew akpatt
Hi folks.
Can anyone tell me what the optimum response time is to set for an EBI. Im getting quite a bit of nuisance tripping. Various locos at various times not always the same locos and not always in the same place its random and sometimes its good for a while then another time it happens frequently.
Im using NCE 5 amp power pro and have installed bus terminators. 
Currently its set at 128 ms. And 2.5 amps. Im afraid to go too high in case it causes damage in a real short. Many of my locos have lights, coach lights and sound. Also inrush current setting is off. Not sure if that will make a difference. Any info would be good 
Thanks Andrew.
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First just set it to default for everything other than trip current and see what happens. Level at 2.5A is OK
You want the EB to trip before the main system and default should normally do that.

If not...
* Turn inrush current on
* Try setting it to 250mS or slightly more
* don't stress the tiny numbers. Remember the 5 amp systems settings are an override anyway.

It is far better to have it slightly slower to react and NOT tripping / trying to reset too often as every trip is a voltage spike one way or another.... far more harmful than a few microsecods of delay will ever be

regards, Ahjay.
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Andrew akpatt
Thanks AJ.
I have a manual reset to prevent those constant attempts to reset.  And for months I  have had it set at 16ms.  I've just increased to 128ms to see if it helps. So 250ms is not too long then?  The power pro trips at 500ms which has caused me to loose a few decoders.  I don't fully understand the criteria for best protection of decoders etc.  With a manual reset do I need to switch on onrush current protection.  Do sound decoder capacitors charge just on start up or do the keep charging during use with the possibility of false tripping issues? 
Thanks for you input. 
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Has it always been a problem or just recently?
Overall, are you loading the layout reasonably heavily? If so then the annoying trips could be fixed by increasing trip current a bit.
If you have loads of things with capacitors on the layout then a peak will happen when you turn on. The inrush current setting simply allows for this. regards, Ahjay
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