One of our highly valued customer service people will retire soon...

We are looking for a new staff member that can read a manual, understand what we create and help others along the path to successful use of our products.

You would need to be comfortable with drop in clients as well as via email and phone. You will need to make diagrams to help others and contribute to general manual creation so you should have a reasonable ability with some common computer software but we can help with that too... as long as your head is in the right space for it.

You will be patient... and be able to show patience with customers who often do not actually know how to frame the questions you will need to answer without a little help.

Age and gender... Well, I am not sure we can even ask these days but gender doesn't matter if abilities are OK - and age - well lets just say not too close to retirement please! (and a long way from retirement is good too).

If you happen to have pre-existing abilities with any form of CAD software or be familiar with Adobe InDesign it would add a smile to the interview.... but these things can be learned as needed as well

Other skills and mindsets are also valued - as all members can get involved in other areas if their interests and abilities lead them towards those things.

You will definitely be a hands-on railway modeller...
(Scale is not important but the correct level of hobby-related insanity is)

You will work from our Settle Offices on a regularly structured roster that WILL include some weekend days. Salary is dependent on both skills and other things. You could start any time from Mid-September.

Message me if you have questions... Ahjay
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