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Hi all,
Sorry its been a while since I was on, but have been kinda busy moving house etc. The new house has an extra room /shed. I call it a shed as its an extension to the house and is open to the height of the apex roof, so its about thirty feet high with beams running about 12ft  from the floor.
The total area is 16 ft x 11ft as in one wall is 11ft with the others 16ft, so quite a sizeable space.

My chosen era is transition steam and diesel and it will be based in central Scotland with theme being heavily industrial. There will always be some visitors and some unexpected items just for fun. 
I will be running on dcc so will need advice as I go.

Its a question of completing the decorating then I can get into the new project, any volunteers for decorating?
I will need to fill in the roof area where the rafters are open and then insulate the walls and ceiling as its a bit parky in the shed .
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Jaz Avalley JazAvalley
nice to see you back, i have been awol myself so fully understand. Look forward to seeing new stuff 🙂

Jaz Avalley

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fireman's shovel
Thanks Jazz, we have been getting a lot of work done on the house but also preparing the room for the railway. Otherwise known as the shed. The lockdown has given me a lot of time to get on and we are waiting on a team coming in to insulate the shed rafters and floor the loft. In the meantime I have been working on various plans to get the best use of the space.
I intend to have at least two levels. I have the dcc concepts magnets ready for the inclines and declines and hope to have bridges flyovers. So it will be a busy time ahead, once the insulation is complete I can get the baseboards built.

At the moment, I have forgotten how to take photos to keep a record and send to the forum, maybe someone would be kind enough to remind me.
that's all for now tomorrow is the painting of the outside of the front of our house rain permitting. Cheers for now.
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