Hi to all
I have just started my first layout after a gap of 15 years
As usual moving to a smaller house there wasn't enough space
I finally got planning permission from the local authorities (she that must be obeyed)
For a 9 feet X 2 feet (ISH)
Shelf type switching layout.
Boards are made
Track layout is planned
Old building saved from last layout dusted off. Photos to follow
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Sounds good, looking forward to the pictures.
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PS - we have some lovely American locos for sale - just saying...... ;-) 
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Jaz Avalley JazAvalley

Do not forget to buy her flowers, chocolates or anything else as a thank you, and anytime she lets you buy anything else, bribery? Moi? When you buy something nice, perhaps she has seen some shoes or a handbag she should really treat herself to. Goose and Gander 🙂


I personally have never modelled USA but I do really like looking at them, can't wait to see. Also love shunting puzzles. Yes I went at looked the the locos, look gorgeous, and luckily I have no excuse to buy one, because I really like the look of several, add to basket button....no...no...resisted 😃

Jaz Avalley

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I have a small (yeah right) US project kicking off.

Some of the fleet isn't yellow..................

425.jpg  Cheers,
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Gosh, Richard. I didn't know you did US stuff. Are you importing MTH perchance? Wouldnt mind an MTH Challenger with Protosmoke
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Not the MTH - And... when we do have MTH we most often take them without their DCS digital system (preferring to install proper DCC) as the MTH DCS generally drives you insane if all your other locos are proper DCC. We do have a broadway Challenger with puffing smoke though - a far better loco in my opinion. It is Rio Grande.

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FB_IMG_1585900090109.jpg I know it's been a while since I posted  
Here is the track plan
Is an industrial area on the edge of town served by UP around the 80s/90s
Track laid so far 
3 track fiddle yard
On to main layout
All track to the left
I will tidy it up and take some pics later

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