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I was looking back at the earliest posts, bumping a couple of informationally useful hints on using the forum, and noticed that a number of people had put up just one post on their layout, then never posted again, which is a real shame, people often engage once they get a feel for the layout, but this usually takes more than just one introductory post. It would be really nice if people who were brave enough to post, added more, this usually encourages interactivity, not getting a reply does not infer lack of interest, Asking questions usually gets a reply post. People like to not feel invisible, so if you look consider posting even if only to say nice. (I know some forums hate this, but iften really encourages new posters to feel that they add value. Adding back stories on how your layout is often interesting, and saying why you got into it, in my own experience people who worked around the railways often have wonderful stories worth sharing.

Feel brave, post 🙂

Jaz Avalley

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I haven't posted too much on DL because it's just about to appear in print in BRM June edition (the digital version is already out).
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I think you hit the nail on the head Jaz when you refer to the lack of response and the fact that a lot of forums discourage the use of quick very short feedback responses and why we have the thumbs up or down buttons.  The concern being of course that it can lead to a valuable thread being swamped with a lot of unrelated chit chat that can put readers off.  Sometimes you just feel like you can't win.

The other side of the coin is of course that people feel very proud of their creations and enjoy showing them for the benefit of others but very quickly become discouraged when no-one has something positive to say about them.  This is taken then that no-one is interested so why should I post anything more!!

As with everything I think we simply need to apply common sense and while adding constructive positive or negative feedback for the benefit of all we need to be cautious that it does not detract from the original thread nor be allowed to wander off too much into chit chat.  That should be contained in the appropriate section.
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