Having built the Retort House and the Tar Tank in the gasworks area I particularly wanted them to look like they are all part of the same plant rather than a couple of seperate buildings.  The gift for this as regards a gasworks is pipe work.  I know the gas manufacturing process involves the collection of tar from around the plant such as the Retort House, the scrubbers and the washers so I decided to connect the two with a very visible pipe, rather than take the easy way out and assume all pipes run underground!
As I am sure some of you will recognise this started off as a Ratio signal gantry.  It was modified by shortening it to go over a single track rather than the kit supplied double and I replaced the plastic kit wooden decking with some of my own stock real wood model boat decking.  Supporting beams were cut from the same wood and glued below.
The frame was treated to a coat of acrylic gunmetal, dry brushed rust coloured enamel, hairspray, acrylic medium grey and scrubbed with a brush and water to remove some of the surface paint.  The frame then received a black wash and some more dry brushed rust colour.

The deck was simply given a brown wash and glued on with neat PVA.  The pipe itself proved a bit challenging as I tried to put together plastic kit pipe work but gave up with the levels of flash and mismatched parts.  Eventually I went for copper pipe from my model steam stock  and bent the ends over to 90 degrees with my pipe bender.  The flanges were from the plastic kit, drilled out and glued to the pipe in what I would assume to be realistic locations.  The tar pipe would almost certainly be insulated in some way and more than likely would be an asbestos rope wrapped around the pipe.  There may or may not then be a cladding over that but for this I decided to leave it off.  The insulation is scale rope again from the 'marine' stock cupboard, wrapped around and spotted with cyano.

The pipe was sat on more supports in wood and pipe clips were made from masking tape painted with gunmetal paint.

Finally some washes and dry brushing to bring everything together and a blow of soot from the airbrush below the smoke deflector and around the centre line of the gantry.

I hope it was all worth the effort and it will help to bring the separate items of the plant together.




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Wot - no real asbestos. Shame on you

It looks great BB - a really nice bit of work

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Excellent modelling BB👍👍
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Thanks gents.  I now have to attach it to the two buildings while maintaining the ability to remove everything easily.
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Ruffnut Thorston
Very good. 😊

Another good source of girders for this kind of work is the Airfix, now made by Dapol, Signal Gantry kit...the one with the dummy colour light signals! 🙋
Best wishes,

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Very typical of it's time, a delight to see.

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Made a location for its base, put some clingfilm over the buildings before glueing the final flanges in place to get a perfect fit against the buildings.  then I couldn't resist a couple of shots of the buildings in place.  I'm itching to get on with the ground works but really need to wait for all the buildings to be completed in the gas works area then do the ground works all at the same time.  Still got a few bits and pieces to build.

P1060785.jpg  P1060787.jpg 




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Great modelling BB, looking really good.
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Jaz Avalley JazAvalley
Agreed lovely modelling and exceptionally nice colouring, plus things that pull scenery together like these two buildingss always improves the area, rolling the eye around the layout, great work.

Jaz Avalley

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