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1952 is a huge milestone in the story of JCB. On a sales trip to Norway, Joseph Bamford sees a rudimentary backhoe, realises its potential and is inspired to develop the JCB Mk 1 Excavator; essentially a Fordson tractor with hydraulic excavator at the rear, Major Loader at the front and optional cab. The JCB backhoe loader is born.

1952 is also the year machines start to appear in the famous JCB yellow, and in 1953 we begin to brand products with the company logo. Two other key machines are introduced in this period: the Si-Draulic Loader, a single arm unit with high lift and forward reach, and the Loadover Wheeled Loader, with a bucket that travelled over the top of the driver - only two were made!

In February 1956 the company is officially incorporated as J C Bamford (Excavators) Ltd and a service business is launched. Machine development continues with, in 1957, the Hydra-Digga, the first JCB machine to provide a comfortable cab, and 1958's JCB Loadall, featuring an innovative hydraulic shovel. In 1959, combining Hydra-Digga and Loadall creates the first truly recognisable backhoe loader, with the chassis, not the tractor skid, taking the digging and loading forces.


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