01 MIMMIC Table RAW (Front) [5-17-2020].jpg  02 MIMMIC Table RAW (Top Open) [5-17-2020].jpg  03 MIMMIC Table RAW (Right Side) [5-17-2020].jpg  04 MIMMIC Table (Shelf Open) [5-17-2020].jpg  05 MIMMIC Control Panel (Front View) [6-4-2020].jpg  06 MIMMIC Control Panel (OPEN Shelf View) [6-4-2020].jpg  07 MIMMIC Control Panel (Top View) [6-4-2020].jpg  08 MIMMIC Control Panel (Open Top View) [6-4-2020].jpg  09 MIMMIC Control Panel (Open Top View-Left) [6-4-2020].jpg  10 MIMMIC Control Panel (Open Lid View-Left) [6-4-2020].jpg  11 MIMMIC Control Panel (Open Top View-Right) [6-4-2020].jpg  12 MIMMIC Control Panel (Open Lid View-Right) [6-4-2020].jpg  13 MIMMIC Control Panel (''A'' Side) [6-4-2020].jpg  14 MIMMIC Control Panel (''B'' Side) [6-4-2020].jpg  Hi ALL...Stay Safe

Hi ALL...Stay Safe
Yes, I am staying in [as we all should if possible] I find myself cleaning and repairing things around the house and eventually finding more time to PLAY!

 A couple of things though, I thought it would be OK to share some photos of my new Portable Mimic/Control board I call the 'CART'.

I will most likely change the PC 18v. AC Power Box to a DC 12v. wall plug-in as suggested by Mick at DCCconcepts. I want to use DCCconcepts Blue LEDs connected to my Accessory Toggle Switches on my control panel. But AC 18v. is way too high. I am waiting for an answer to my question, and that question is, do the Blue LEDs from DCCconcepts w/resister work DIRECTLY on 12v. without burning out, one on one with no additional resistors?

The top has the track layout, mimic switches, and LEDs. It lifts up and inside is all the wiring, and boards, and such. Then the shelf pulls out to get to the Laptop and whatever. You can see that I do not have all the LEDs connected yet, I am waiting for delivery of extension cables. As you can see I have a connection cable for Table 'A' on the left side of the 'CART' and a connection cable for Table 'B' on the right side. The cart will be rolled in and out when I need it. It will be rolled under the 3' x 4' Fiddle Yard that will be connected to Table 'A' and 'B'. Eventually, I will be building Tables 'C', 'D' & 'E'. I am not sure if all this will work, but I guess I will have to figure it out as I go. It is, after all, a work in progress.  I may have to build another Control Panel or two. I used black Auto pin striping for my track layout.

I have in the past on my old DC system and still use with the new DCC system for the structure lighting 100 bulb strand Christmas lights [the old kind not LEDs]. Of course, I wire them in series 6 bulbs together. That way they are not too bright nor too dull. But with the 12v. I have to rewire them to 3 bulbs together. I have hundreds of these white bulbs, not to mention the other colors. I also have Red flashing bulbs for the water tower. All this works fine. Saves money.

Tell me what you think of my Portable Control Station aka the 'CART'.

Thank you all



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