Hi all, looking for help please.

My Power Cab worked fine when I only had 5 Cobalt IP Digital point motors set up.
Over the past month I've added 2 SS surface mounted point motors and another 18 IP Digitals setting up the addresses on each on as I installed them.

I also added an accessory bus  to power all the point motors and an additional track bus under the area where most of the point motors are to give the track power for frog polarity on the point motors. All the additional wiring / / power feeds are in place but none of it is yet attached to the Power Cab pcp - only the original track bus and  point motors.

When I attached the Power Cab yesterday the LED didn't light and the cab screen was blinking - previously this had happened when I had a 'short'. If I removed the track feed connection from the rear of the pcp the LED  is lit and the Power Cab displays the correct info.

I couldn't understand how I have this problem, so I then removed the wiring to the original 5 point motors and some of the droppers to try and locate the problem. Now when I attach the Power Cab the LED is lit and the cab display is correct but I'm getting a continuous high pitch buzzing - which stops if I remove track power connector again from the rear of the pcp.

Any suggestions / advice please.

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Tom G
Question about what you mean by adding an accessory buss.  Did you do this by splitting the output of the Power Cab into two separate busses (one for track power and one for accessories) or did you add another booster just for the accessory buss?
Troubleshooting electronics can be a bit frustrating.
My suggestion is to start by disconnecting sections from both busses to determine if there is one location causing the problem.
Then add one isolated track section and powering it.  If no buzzing add a loco to determine that the Power Cab is functioning.
If all is OK at this point then add small sections and retest.
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A Powercab will normally flash/reset on a full short.
It is the power supply that is resetting - not the Powercab.
Continual resetting will eventually damage the Powercab if the short is not removed in a timely manner
(The overload protection in a Powercab system is the only "weakness" with the setup)
However - if the short occurs on a circuit with high resistance that doesn't draw enough current to trip the power supply, the Powercab may buzz as it overloads.
As above, this will eventually damage the Powercab.

It does sound like you have still a short somewhere, but not enough to cause the Powercab power supply to trip.

Have you tried monitoring the track current using the Powercab?

Use the "PROG/ESC" key to cycle to "CAB PARAMS" and select "SHOW TRK CURRENT"

DCCConcepts Tech/Customer support
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