Andrew Fryer deepfat
Schoolboy question as much s to say hello as to get an answer.  What CV code to you get top stop a cobalt DIP motor from returning to centre.  I have missed one on my layout and every time I start my  it seems to recenter (point 2 in this pic form my blog)
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Its not a CV at all. The procedure is in the manual.

The manual is here.

Look at the page innediatel to the right of the iP digital image.

By the way, when we say to cycle the power, we mean remove one power wire then re-insert it.

If you still have trouble, please call us on the phone or email to - he will walk you through it.


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Andrew Fryer deepfat
Richard thanks I didn't have that manual in my operating notes, cutting and pasting now so everything about my layout is in one place like any engineer would :-) onenote.png   
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