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Hi John,

When you have some time can you give us a call at DCC Concepts and ask for Anthony as the only way i have ever done this is with the tablet app via "Track Control Settings"  

You can select the uncoupler and assign the address for it in this screen.
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Hi Anthony566
I know about the tablet and z21 softwere, I have it set up. I set up my switches and they work.
I did the app for the uncoupler and it clicks up and down, in the software, but not on the track for real.
I can only say what I said before, when I first installed the De-coupler track into my main system, then turned on the track power the De-coupler IMMEDIATELY began to pop up and down. I read the instructions and it said that I must first move it 5 times to put it into programming mode so I can program it. I think that the decoder #61197 is faulty. Could it be that?😯😯
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