🎶Do you think I’m NERDY 🎶😀
How many other well known
Modellers are there
Rod Pete Waterman,
Jools Holland and ?
Good publicity for the hobby?
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Iain Morrison wimorrison
Steve Lemaq and, I think, Keith Richards.

Pete Waterman has mentioned others but memory fails me at the moment 🙁
Iain Morrison
Modelling h0e using Z21 with iTrain automation and Railcom
There are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know
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Phil Collins and Roger Daltrey have also declared interests in the hobby.

(Part time celebrity- he'll love me for calling him that) BBC TV correspondent Ben Ando is one half of Revolution Trains.
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Mike from Tewkesbury
Others are Sandi Toksvig and Ann Diamond plus Peter Snow
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Tom Hanks has a big layout.  Hughie Green used to come and buy stuff at Beatties in Holborn many years ago. He had a load of Fleischmann and Basset-Lowke Gauge O I think.
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