Brian Daly
I’m on an O gauge forum that a guy has had problems with S Lever failures of the contacts, one welding shut.

ive gone through all the technical documents I can find and cannot find the maximum breaking current for the contacts.

I'm installing multiple frames and want to make sure this isn’t going to be an issue. I’m using a max of direct wired to Cobalt-S and some via alpha boards, but I will have a frame controlling solenoids with multi motors on one lever.
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It is pretty well impossible to diagnose issues without knowing how they are being wired . and what they are being used for.
Happy to advise IF we can understand....

What is being switched?
What is the wiring diagram
What is the power supply spec et.....

The contacts are capable of carrying more than 5 amps. They are also gold plated to prevent pitting.

There should be no circuit used in model railways that will overload them under any scenario we can conceive. We certainly have not been able to klill them using any of the many ways we have tried.

Unless whats being done is creating excessive flashover arcing, they should pretty well last forever.

regards, Ahjay
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